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A Curious Comedy House Team.

Team Members:

Marshall Hayes Headshot

Marshall Hayes

Marshall Hayes has been performing improv comedy on the Curious stage since April, 2016. After completing the available courses with Curious Comedy, Marshall co-founded the improv team, Yes MAM. He also joined the Curious Comedy house team, Punch Bowl. When asked why he likes studying improv so much, Marshall said “There’s an art form hidden underneath the absurdity of improvised comedy, I just wanna learn how to hold the brush”. Marshall’s path now branches into musical improv which he hopes to some day be a key foundation to his improv talents.

Andrew Chalkley Headshot

Andrew Chalkley

Andrew's an alien, a legal alien, he's an Englishman in Portland. He grew up in Hessle, just outside of Hull in East Yorkshire. He moved to Orlando for work back in 2012. After battling the humidity for a year, an opportunity arose for Andrew to move to more British climates and live in the set of the popular AMC show, Portlandia. Andrew began taking improv classes back in 2016 and joined the newly formed Curious Comedy House Team - Punch Bowl - in 2017. He's performed at Curious Comedy's Test Pilot and Surprise Party several times. He's also a founding member of Bad Girrlz. Andrew lives in Portland with his wife and three children. He also has four nipples.

Adrienne Busch Headshot

Adrienne Busch

Adrienne Busch grew up in Grants Pass, Oregon, and as the third child of four (and the only extrovert of the four), she naturally was hungry for more attention. She started performing improv in April 2016 and thus began the journey to satisfy this hunger. When taking a free improv workshop at Curious, she fell in love with a group of rascals in the class and proceeded to complete all of the Curious courses with them and eventually form the indie team Tears of Friendship. The rest is really just history that someone should write a book about. She has attended countless workshops and shows and clawed her way onto teams and into shows and has never looked back. She performs regularly with the indie team Yes, MAM and Curious house teams Punch Bowl and Jump Kick Punch, the all-female-identifying house team. Having no theater and performance background has never held her down as she has branched out into some acting courses and musical improv study. She loves the art of improv and how much it has changed her life and helped her grow as a friend, daughter, lover, and human being. She spends her days designing buildings as a structural engineer which is way more boring than improv.

Savannah Sumrall Headshot

Savannah Sumrall

Savannah Sumrall has been doing imrov with Curious Comedy for almost two years; working her way through the classes and eventually becoming a house team member. She has co-written and produced a variety show, Pep Rally, about the high school experience for the Curious stage, as well as is the part time assistant video director. Prior to being involved in imrov comedy, Savannah performed and toured with a variety of rock and folk bands in L.A., Chicago and New Orleans.

Cheri Zane Headshot

Cheri Zane

Cheri's improv debut was as Michael from Peter Pan working with Captain Hook  and Tinker Bell to commandeer Never Never Land in a coup, at the age of ten, in an epic monoscene. Those heights may never be quite reached again but Cheri keeps trying while performing on the Curious Team, Punch Bowl and the indie team , Bad Girrrlz. She also Gilmore Girls around town with her sixteen year old daughter and teaches original role playing games (among other things) at Village Home Learning Resource Center. Cheri has a Fine Arts  degree from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.