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A Curious Comedy MainStage Team.

Team Members:

Katie Behrens Headshot

Katie Behrens

Katie Behrens is a local performer and improviser who has been involved with theater for as long as she can remember. She has been with Curious for 6 wonderful years and got addicted to improv under the teachings of Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig. She has since been a part of the duo, Katie, with Katie Michels and Biz Caj with Dylan Reiff and Garrett Palm. She can be seen all around town, but feels truly at home on the Curious Comedy stage.

Laura Sams Headshot

Laura Sams

Laura is a writer, filmmaker, composer and educator. She has a Master’s Degree in Science Education, where her advanced courses included exactly zero classes about improv comedy. But later, she took classes at the Curious Comedy training center and got hooked. When Laura is not lurking around Curious Comedy, she is running Sisbro Studios (with her brother Rob), creating wildlife films, television, children’s books, music and curriculum that trick people into learning while they are laughing. She has created projects for the Smithsonian Channel, the Jim Henson Company, Animal Planet and the National Science Foundation. She has a new movie about sharks called The Shark Riddle. She promises it will give you sweet, shark-infested dreams.

Tyler Quinn Headshot

Tyler Quinn

Tyler has been improvising off and on since his birth. (He notably performed from 2006-2010 with Dartmouth College's Dog Day Players.) After four-year improv-free stint in New York City, Tyler is happy to be back on stage here at Curious Comedy Theater. He owes it all to his family, his partner Willa, and the Sister Act films.

Nathan Loveless Headshot

Nathan Loveless

Nathan is a Portland native who began his comedy career performing “Who’s on First” for the cutthroat audiences at the annual Beaumont Middle School Eighth Grade Talent Show. Since then Nathan has performed across the country with independent groups including Whiskey Tango which has performed at SF Sketchfest, Vancouver Improv Festival, and the Del Close Marathon. Nathan has also performed at Curious Comedy with the Curious Comedy Players, State Fair of the Union, and PIPES: An Improvised Musical.

Christian Parsons Headshot

Christian Parsons

Chris Parsons has been at this improv thing for 10 years now. He started performing in college with the late night comedy craze of Cache Valley, The Antics. After 2 years of working as a Performer at Walt Disney World, he moved back to his favorite city to obtain a BA in Film at Portland State University. Chris has been a standing ensemble member at the Brody Theater for 5 years - one of its youngest members to be invited. Chris teaches improv at Brody Theater, as well as theater basics and creative learning to grade school children as a freelance, Teaching Artist all over Portland. Christian is extremely honored to be working with the incredibly talented people at Curious Comedy, and with the Hood House Team. All that he is, he owes to his wife, his twin brother and family.