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A Curious Comedy MainStage Team.

Team Members:

Jason Swetzoff Headshot

Jason Swetzoff

Jason got his start at Magnet Theatre in New York and wonders why he hadn't found out about improv earlier. Although he started in New York, he is very much a Portland-trained improviser. He has taken most of his classes at the Brody Theatre and at Curious. He also credits all the amazing other improvisers he has seen and worked with. He can't be more excited about being on the Curious House Team Ramona. When he is not on stage at one of the various improv theaters around town you can find Jason exploring the PNW outdoors, climbing, hiking, skiing, working as a UX designer or being lazy.

Hayley Pullin Headshot

Hayley Pullin

While on a trip to Chicago in 2015, Hayley saw an improv show. The following morning, she called Curious Comedy Theatre and signed up for the intro class and she has been blazing forward ever since. Performing in the groups Wyldcats, Echo Hill, and Crater has provided her the opportunity to liven up her weekends and her Facebook status updates. Off-stage, you can find either crunching data in Excel or spending quality time with one 7-year old puppy and one highly supportive husband.

Abby Kraai Headshot

Abby Kraai

Abby Kraai started improv in 1991 at the age of 6, when she would perform interactive readings and one-woman skits for her first-grade class. Her blockbuster hits included: "Jack and the Beanstalk," "A Magical Horse," and "The Frog Princess: A Classic Fairytale Through a Modern Feminist Lens." She retired from improv at the age of 7, then came our of retirement in 2011 when she decided to take an improv class. She then performed with Geva Comedy Improv in Rochester, NY for three years before moving to Portland, OR in 2014. Since living in Portland, she has performed with The Brody Theater, Kickstand Comedy, and most recently, Curious Comedy. When not improvising, Abby enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, writing, and playing ultimate frisbee.

Ryan King Headshot

Ryan King

Ryan is a single mother just trying to make it on his own. He started his comedy journey with shortform improv in high school and college. In circa 2015 (year of our lord) he shifted his focus to longform and joined the Curious Comedy empire shortly thereafter. You might recognize him as one half of metal-improv marauders Death Hammer, who have performed all across the country, to much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Ryan also enjoys sketch comedy; he was a writer and performer for Analysis Paralysis, The Power Users out of The Brody, and the second incarnation of Sweathogs at The Siren Theater. He prefers t-shirts that don’t have sleeves.

Audrey Butler Headshot

Audrey Butler

Audrey has been acting and performing since childhood and first fell in love with improv comedy in college. During her four years at the University of Puget Sound Audrey wrote, performed, and directed for the student run improv and sketch group, Ubiquitous They. Audrey joined Curious Comedy in 2015 and has performed with the groups Ramona, an all women’s group called Norns and now Glacier! Along with her improvising she is a writer and performer for the Curious Comedy Sketch team, Sketch Machine. When not performing improv or sketch she can be found teaching level 1 improv for Curious or singing to her two cats.

Drew Eiden Headshot

Drew Eiden

Drew is a proud main stage cast member of Glacier. Drew moved to Portland after spending five years in Chicago, training at iO Chicago and The Annoyance, with three more years in the Bay Area performing both on house Harold teams with San Francisco's Endgames Improv and presentations for Speechless: Improvised Powerpoint Competition. Throughout the years, he and his teammates have performed together at improv theaters and comedy festivals all over the country including those in New York City, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Charleston, Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Juneau, AK.

Hayley Pullin Headshot

Hayley Pullin

While on a trip to Chicago in 2015, Hayley saw her first professional improv show. The following morning, she called Curious Comedy Theater and signed up for their intro class. Much to her surprise, they let her back in the building and she has been addicted ever since! Off-stage, you can find her either crunching data in Excel (nerd!) or spending quality time with one 8-year old puppy and one highly supportive husband.