board, [bawrd, bohrd], noun

Official Definition:

  • An official group of persons who direct or supervise some activity: a board of directors.
  • A group of special people that work their tails off to make special things happen.
  • People we love.
Karen Vickers Headshot

Karen Vickers

Karen Vickers has been representing public and private employers for nearly 23 years. Her practice includes employment counseling as well as representation of clients in adversarial proceedings up to and including trial. A large portion of Karen's practice involves representation of school districts and other public entities in civil rights and tort claims. Additionally, Karen has years of experience defending churches and other non-profit entities in sexual abuse litigation. Karen currently is a Partner at Mersereau Shannon LLP.

Nathan Loveless Headshot

Nathan Loveless

Nathan has been a part of Curious Comedy since the early days. Nathan was an original cast member when Curious opened its doors and has consistently performed at Curious ever since. Nathan officially joined the Curious board in June 2011 and became the Board Chair in fall 2013. Nathan serves as Regional VP of Sales at Kryptiq and combines his marketing and business management skills with his perspective as a performer to bring incredible value to the Curious board.

Stacey Hallal Headshot

Stacey Hallal

Artistic Director

Stacey founded Curious in 2008 - establishing the organization as well as acquiring and building out the space. She has served as Artistic Director ever since. She also served as Board Chair from 2008-2013. Stacey works closely with the Board, its committees, the Managing Director and the staff to develop and implement the theater’s five year strategic plan. Artistically, she is responsible for working with the theater’s teachers, performers, producers and tech team to develop the artistic voice of the theater’s classes, shows and outreach programs to ensure fulfillment of our mission and artistic satisfaction for performers, students and our audience.