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Big Pink

A Curious Comedy House Team.

Team Members:

Josh Edward Headshot

Josh Edward

A lifelong musician, Josh Edward discovered his love for acting in 2011 after appearing as an extra in Grimm and Leverage. After a few screen acting classes he started his improv training at the Brody Theater in 2014 and caught the bug. He has studied improv and acting since then and has been lucky to book starring roles on both stage and screen, including The Brody Theater's A Something Kind of Musical, Oregon Children Theater's The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and Grimm to name a few. Look for him Summer 2017 in The Competition starring Thora Birch and Chris Klein. He is 100% completely pumped to be joining Echo Hill, which is the same level of excitement he has for most sandwiches.

Tess Nakaishi Headshot

Tess Nakaishi

Tess Nakaishi is an actor and improviser native to the Pacific Northwest. She has been performing in theatre and film since middle school and earned a degree in acting from Western Washington University. Her improv journey began in January 2017 when she attended a workshop at Curious Comedy and became hooked. After that, she just kept showing up for improv, and no one has told her to go away yet. In addition to performing at Curious, Tess also works as an editor and acts in local theatre productions.

Tracey Biebel Headshot

Tracey Biebel

Tracey Biebel is an east coast transplant who has called Oregon home for the last 20 years. She can be generally be found laughing on stage with her partners in improv crime, working her day job as a therapist, podcasting, oil painting nudes, lifting heavy things at the gym, or wrangling her two kids and little dog. Oh, she also enjoys dark chocolate more than she likes to admi

Joe Hieronymus Headshot

Joe Hieronymus

"Originally from Kansas City, Joe has been based in Portland for twenty years. He has performed, written and produced live shows with CoHo Productions, Curious Comedy Theater, Helium Comedy Club, the Brody Theater, and Funhouse Lounge. His turn in Greg Schasse's and Jason William's improvised short film "The Caller Part Two" earned inclusion to 2015's Best Of HUMP National Film Festival. Joe's volunteer work with the community has extended to Shriner's Children Hospital, Start Making A Reader Today, Children's Club Kitchen, the Humane Society, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland Queer Comedy Festival, and Curious Comedy Theater. His public Twitter account is followed by the United States Secret Service."

Daniel Flynn Headshot

Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn is a standup comedian, emcee, actor, and musician originally from Upstate New York. He's a world traveler who peaks bits and pieces of six languages, has led hiking tours in Nepal, trained as a yoga teacher in India, and performed as Frankenfurter in the Rock Horror Musical in Japan. He begin his improv career in college performing with the "Shawn Cassidy Fan Club" and fell in love with improv again after going through Curious Comedy training program.