Food & Bar

Food and Cocktails


Arlo Snuggles ($11.00)
A Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned made with Buffalo Trace and Black Walnut Bitters

The "Yes, And" ($9.00)
House Infused Lychee Gin, Citrus and Tonic

Joe the Maestro ($9.00)
Barrel Hitch American Whiskey, Fresh Ginger, Citrus

The Royal Lemon Drop ($11.00)
House Made Lemoncello and Butterfly Flower and Orange Liqueur and Lemon

The Tig ($9.00)
Thai Iced Tea with Barrel Hitch American Whiskey and Whipped Cream

The Big Punch Line ($8.00)
House Made Basil Berry Sangria

Purple Margarito ($10.00)
Hornitos Tequilla, House Made Butterfly Flower and Orange Liqueur, Basil

Lesley's Choice ($9.00)
A Rotating Special Featuring house Infused Spirits, check out our board for this week's selection


Bacon Mac and Cheese ($10.00)
Served With a Side Salad

Peanut Bowl ($10.00)
Choice of Chicken or Tofu, served with brown rice, kale, carrots and house made peanut sauce

Curious Bowl ($9.00)
Our daily bowl special

Mezza Platter ($11.00)
Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and Tabouli, Served with warm pita and carrots

Deli Wrap ($9.00)
Pepperoni, salami, provolone, romaine, roasted peppers, and red onions. Served with pasta salad

Veggie Wrap ($9.00)
Roasted Veggies, hummus, red onion and romaine. Served with a side salad

Soba Noodle Salad ($9.00)
Cabbage, carrots, green onions, peanuts, and a Ginger-Lime Peanut dressing

Curious 12" Pizza of the Day ($16.00)
House made pizza with your choice of three toppings!

"Apps and 'Zerts"

Hot Buttered Popcorn ($4.00)
(Serves 2)

Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($7.00)
served with warm pita and carrots

Hummus Plate ($7.00)
served with warm pita and carrots

Cheese Plate ($7.00)
served with fresh fruit and warm pita

6" Mini Pita Pizza ($7.00)
Your choice of two (2) toppings

Side Salad ($3.00)
Mixed greens with veggies and house dressing

Brownie Sundae ($7.00)
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallow and whipped cream

Curious Cookie Sundae ($7.00)
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, cookies and whipped cream

Rootbeer Float ($5.00)
(add spiced rum for an extra $5!)

Curious Crème Brulee ($6.00)
Served with fresh fruit

Other Drink Options

Beer & Cider

NW Beers on Draught (16 oz)
Beer - $5
Cider - $6

Cans and Bottles
Rogue Dead Guy Ale - $4
Cascadia Dry Cider (16oz) - $5
Pabst Blue Ribbon Tallboy - $3

Wine by the Glass

Cotes du Rhone Red Blend - $6
Dos Ficas Pinot Noir - $8
The Other (White Wine Blend) - $6
Lumo Pinot Grigio - $7

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coke, Diet, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root-beer - $2
House Made Ginger Soda - $3
Hot Tea - $2
Red Bull - $4
Coffee - $3