Filbert Fundraiser Show

Sunday, July 15th


FIlbert's bringing our brand of smart & super playful Harold (long form Improv) to the...wait for it....DETROIT IMPROV FESTIVAL!!!

A few of our members could really use a hand covering the costs for this trip! We want to help them! Even a few dollars will get us on our way with more joy and less stress.

Celebrate Detroit, Filbert and improv with special guests including RAPPERS ALOUD (Suzanne Temple & Steve Dukes), and special games and acts from the one and only Filbert!

The Fundraiser:
Curious Comedy has offered to give us the ticket sales from this event. The best way to help us is to bring a friend to the show. During-show-donations at levels of $5, $10, $15, $20 and $25 will also be accepted - with special prizes of course.

all welcome

Online ticket sales close 1 hour prior to showtime.