Back Fence PDX: Russian Roulette

Wednesday, April 25th


21 and over only


~ Jason Rouse Winner From Our January Show, Actor/Writer, Once Spoke To Mike Myers For 5-mins Before Realizing Who He Was

~ Caitlin Weierhauser Returning Two-Time Russian Roulette Winner, Portland’s Funniest Person 2017, Member of Lez Stand Up, Voted Most Opinionated in High School

~ Nicole J. Georges Past Russian Roulette Runner-up, Author of the Award-Winning Graphic Novels Calling Dr. Laura and Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home, Teaches MFA In Comics Students at California College of the Arts, Hosts the Podcast Sagittarian Matters, Her Life Partner Is a Half-Blind Chomeranian Named Ponyo

~ Kirsten Kuppenbender Past Russian Roulette Runner-up, Finalist in Portland’s Funniest Person Competition, Founder of Lez Stand Up, Extreme Jigsaw Puzzler

~ Eugenie Fontana Works in the Creative and Arts Communities, Founder of Gather & Garner/Co-Founder of w(HERE), Loves Riding Quads AKA 4-Wheelers

~ Samira Sahebi Real Estate Broker, Snuck Into The US Before Her People Were Banned, Loves Every Aspect of Living in Portland Except How Often She’s Asked “Where She’s Really From?”, A Mean Cook

Hosted by B. FRAYN MASTERS and MINDY NETTIFEE | Music by DJ Bobby D from XRAY.FM

Russian Roulette is our high stakes, high-risk live storytelling show where six seasoned performers spin a giant game show wheel filled with mystery prompts.

Storytellers have just 5 minutes to prepare and tell a true 5-minute story based on the prompt they land on — the audience votes for the winner! This show features TWO past winners, TWO runners up, and TWO NEW challengers all vying to tell compelling funny/poignant/gross/sexy/mysterious on-the-spot stories.

The audience votes for a winner at the end of the night. The winner also draws an audience winner -- both get $150+ of booty from our sponsors and partners!

A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the Oregon Food Bank.

Online ticket sales close 1 hour prior to showtime.